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Welcome to MTC’s Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy is a procedure of removing or drawing blood from the body using safety and scientific techniques. This course will train you to gain professional knowledge, and technical skills required to be a phlebotomist. As a phlebotomist  you will be using venipuncture, which is the process of making an incision in the vein to draw blood, phlebotomy personnel can collect blood samples for the purposes of research, testing, donations, or transfusions. Our course will also train you to know how to collect non-blood specimen.  As a phlebotomist you will be working under the supervision of a medical laboratory scientist.

Phlebotomy Technician Admission Requirements:

  1. Fill out an Application.
  2. Must have a minimum of High school Diploma or GED or higher.
  3. Provide two forms of identification. One must be a government issued ID with a photograph, such as current State Identification card or Driver’s License. The other ID must be a copy of your social security card.
  4. Pass Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) background check.
  5. A signed copy of an affidavit of lawful presence stating citizenship or alien status.
  6. Scrubs for attending clinical training. (Solid Black color)
  7. TB Skin screen test results will be required before attending clinical. If your TB skin screen test is positive, you will be required to bring a negative TB Chest X-Ray.
  8. BLS/CPR card. (We offer BLS training at MedNoc Training College therefore you can enroll for BLS while still enrolled in this program at our school.)

The Phlebotomy Technician training program at MTC is a 177.50 clock hours composed of  105.5 clock hours of Lectures and Skills Lab and 64 hours of clinical learning and 8 hours of skills check offs .


  1. Minimum High School Diploma or GED or higher
  2. Mentally and physically able to complete and pass this course

During your training at MedNoc Training College, your Phlebotomy course will cover the following areas of training, to ensure that you receive quality and the best training.


  • Phlebotomy: Past and present, and the Health care setting
  • Quality Assurance And Legal Issues
  • Infection Control, Safety, First Aid, And Personal Wellness


  • Basic Medical Terminology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • The Circulatory system


  • Blood Collection Equipment, Additives, And Order Of Draw
  • Venipuncture procedures
  • Pre-analytical Considerations
  • Capillary Puncture Equipment And Procedures


  • Special Collections And Point of Care Testing
  • Arterial Puncture Procedures
  • Non-blood Specimens And Tests
  • Computers And Specimen Handling And Processing

Phlebotomy National Certification:

After you finish your Phlebotomy training at MTC, you will be required to take the National Certification Exam to be Nationally Certified through National Healthcareer Association (NHA. The exam will be offered at MedNoc. Phlebotomy Technician Certification (CPT): Each candidate for the CPT certification must:

  1. Must complete 177.50 hours of Training at MedNoc Training College
  2. Must be 18 years of age.
  3. Must have high school diploma, GED or higher.
  4. Completed successfully phlebotomy training school within the last 5 years
  5. Provide evidence that you have successfully performed a minimum of thirty (30)Venipunctures and ten (10) capillary sticks on live individuals.

Phlebotomy Training Cost

1 Tuition, useable materials Books, Study materials, Folders and files, Name Badge $ 1,350.00
2 National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, and Clinical Skills $    150.00
3 Laboratory fees $      50.00
4 OSBI Background check $      20.00
5 TB Skin Screen Test $      20.00
7 Total $ 1,590.00

*** Payment plan can be made with the Vice President. However, the whole balance must be cleared and paid in full before the student is allowed to take

National Certification Examination. No records will be issued to the student if he/she has a hold on fees.

***If fees are NOT paid in full by the end of the second week, you will be dropped from the program and no refund will be issued.

***Uniform (Scrubs) is needed for lab skills and clinical. This can cost up to $100.00

Phlebotomy Technician Jobs

As a Nationally Certified Phlebotomy Technician, you will gain employment the following places:

  • Hospitals,
  • Medical laboratories,
  • Doctor’s office,
  • Nursing Home,
  • Blood donation sites
  • Training Schools; teaching phlebotomy programs.

How to Apply to our Phlebotomy Technician Program

  • Apply online; on this website by filling out the online application
  • Call our office to request for an application: (405)225-7876 or (405)589-2573
  • Fax your application to (405)-225-7876
  • Email your application to
  • Come to our office Monday -Friday from 8am-5pm.  and call on Saturday for an appointment.


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