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Certified Medical Aide (CMA)

//Certified Medical Aide (CMA)
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Certified Medication Aide Program

MedNoc Training College CMA program is a 1 week or 3 weekends course composed of 40 hours. This Certified Medication Aide class is offered at our Oklahoma City Campus. Our Certified Medication Aide program is approved by Oklahoma State Department of Health- Nurse Aide Registry, with approval number is #3701628.

Course Description/Objectives of the program

This CMA class is the basic course for the professional Certified Medication Aide (CMA). Our CMA course and training is a 40 Clock Hour Program, composed of 24 hours of classroom, and 16 hours of supervised practical training.

The CMA course at MedNoc Training College focuses on Administration of Medications to the residents and clients under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The course requires the applicant/trainee to be a CNA with an active clean and free from abuse certification in the state of Oklahoma and having been a CNA for at least six months prior to applying for CMA program. The student will learn the following:

  1. CMA Preparation and administration of
  2. CMA Observe, report, and document resident’s status.
  3. CMA Principles of safety.
  4. CMA Knowledge of measurement systems.
  5. CMA Body systems and common Diseases

The class must be completed either in ONE WEEK or THREE WEEKENDS depending on the schedule that the student chooses.

The 16 hour clinical teaching/learning will be spent in a nursing home where students will learn how to administer medication safely to residents under direct supervision of the licensed nurse who will be the clinical instructor. The 24 hours of classroom training is composed of lectures, teaching and learning in the lab, doing practice, watching video and taking exams and quizzes. Student must score 100% on Clinical Testing and 90% on two Classroom Exams before allowed to register for CMA state Exam. After successful completion of our CMA program, student/trainee will be issued with Verification Form, signed and dated.

Upon successful completion of nurse aide training and competency evaluation program and passing the Oklahoma State Exam for CMA, the student will be registered by the Oklahoma Nurse Aide

Registry and a CMA certification shall be issued and you will be listed on the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) -Nurse Aide registry

State Exam and Certification

Students seeking certification as a Certified Medication Aide must score 70% or higher on the examination.  Trained candidates must attest that medications were passed to 20 consecutive individuals with 100% accuracy after completion of training. This medication pass is to be done after training is completed and is in addition to the medications passed during the clinical portion of the training. NOTE: Students have THREE attempts to pass the CMA state Exam. Failure to pass after the third trial, students will be required to retake the whole course and submit new payments for both training cost and state exam.

Admission Requirements

The prospective student will be required to fill out an application for admission upon which the director of the MedNoc Health Career Training Courses will review the application and arrange a meeting with the applicant for intake process. The following information will be given/discussed during this meeting:

  1. MedNoc Training College Application from
  2. Payment of the Cost of this Training and State Certification Testing fees.
  3. Oklahoma Nurse Aide registry requirements.
  4. Criminal background requirement.
  5. Affidavit of Legal presence status documentation. You must sign and date this document and must be presented for testing.
  6. Minimum age: 18 Years
  7. Minimum education: High school or General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
  8. Current Oklahoma nurse aide certification with no abuse notations
  9. Experience working as a certified nurse aide for six months
  10. Physical and mental capability to safely perform duties.
  11. Employment/ career growth.
  12. Drug screening maybe required before you are placed for clinical rotation.
  13. TB screening is required before you go out for clinical. In addition immunization records may also be required. This will be communicated within the first two days of class.

Certified Medication Aide (CMA) Training Fees

  1. Tuition, usable materials, study materials, folders and files, name badge: ~~~~~~~~~~~~$  450.00
  2. Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) State Certification Exam, Written and Clinical Skills~~~~~~~~ $   150.00
  3. OSBI Background Check~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$    20.00
  4. TB Skin Screen Test~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$   20.00

Total Cost:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=====$ 640.00

  1. Books (provided to you on loan), if you prefer to buy books, the cost is $50.00. If you fail to return books after the your training has completed, you will be charged $50.00
  2. Solid black scrubs are required and are not added to the tuition fees. They are the sole responsibility of the student to attain.

CMA Jobs in Oklahoma

People who are Certified Medication Aide can work and pass medications in the Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Memory Care Units, Group Homes and Independent Living. MedNoc helps its students to look for CMA jobs, and write a resume. We partner with different facilities to help our students to secure CMA employment.

Please call us to learn more about our CMA Certified Medication Aide.

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