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Testing Center

Welcome to our testing Center and enjoy testing at our Testing site. MTC wishes you all the best.

MedNoc Training College is an approved and certified Testing Center. Our testing center is adequately equipped with modern facilities to ensure the best and greatest testing experience. Our testing center is equipped with computers room and the lab room is fully equipped with all resources needed to ensure a smooth testing experience.

We provide testing  for:

  • CNA skills and written
  • HHA deeming skills
  • CMA written
  • MAT -This exam is only available to students who trained MAT at MedNoc.

Note: We test CNA, CMA, and HHA through Headmaster, and MAT through DDSD. We are also offering MAT renewal. Please contact us to schedule your test today. Remember to bring the following documents to book your test or submit them on our website when you book your test. Our testing schedule is very flexible so that we can accommodate the needs of all students. Booking the seats available is based on a first come basis!

We test not only for our own students, but also students from other training centers.

Requirements to register for the state CNA,HHA, & CMA, Phlebotomy Tech, Medical Assistant Exam:

  1. Required Testing Fees. Please note that you must submit your payment at least 3 business days before you are scheduled for testing.
  2. Two forms of ID, one must be a photo ID issued by State or Federal government, and the other must be your SSN card.
  3.  Training Verification Form from your training institution. (Must be original)
  4. Completed Affidavit of Legal presence.
  5. For all candidates testing for skills, you must pay $10.00 for actor’s fees. Candidates are not allowed to bring their own testing actor.
  6. For CMA, we require your CNA certification card.

Testing day:

  1. You must arrive at least 20 minutes before the time of your scheduled test.
  2. You must bring original photo ID, original Social Security Card, and CNA certification card (when applicable).
  3. You must bring your original Training Verification Form (Completion Form), issued by the school in which you attended your training.

Testing Center Rules:

  1. Once you finish your certification exam, you are needed to leave and come back to the facility only the time you are assigned for your skills. Please exit the testing area quietly and do not disturb other candidates who are still taking their test.
  2. If you are taking an online test, you will be required to use the Testing Center computers and will not be allowed to use your own laptop computers.
  3. During the Test

    • Read instructions carefully before you begin your test. If you are not sure of directions, check with a Testing Observer. The Testing Observer will not answer any questions regarding the questions on your test.
    • You are responsible for monitoring your own time for each exam you are testing on.
    • Talking to other candidates in the Testing Center is not allowed and you will be dismissed from the testing room and your exam will be cancelled with no refund.
    • All students are expected to comply with the MedNoc Training College Academic Honesty policy.
  4. No electronic devices are allowed in the testing. Candidates must leave their computers, cellphones, pagers or any other electronic devices in their car. MTC does not provide storage.
  5. No firearms are allowed within MTC premises. If you bring any type of weapon to school you will not be allowed into the Testing Center.
  6. Cameras or any other recording devices are not allowed in the Testing Center.
  7. Bags, purse, backpacks are not all not allowed in the Testing Center.
  8. Drinks, and food are banned in the Testing room.

Test Taking Techniques

The Multiple Choice Exams

Many students fail multiple-choice exams because their expectations are that the questions will be straightforward and easily recognized. Most professors develop multiple-choice questions by synthesizing material from more than one source creating a dual layered question demanding analysis of the question rather than rote memory.

  • Read the whole question carefully.
  • Pay attention to keywords.
  • If the question is long, underline the subject and verb to help you focus appropriately.
  • Read each possible answer without bias. Do not stop and think about the answer – just read each answer
  • Now, focus on the answer you think is correct. If there is more than one (should only be two at the most) reread the question and make sure you understand the words and what they mean in the question. Look at the answers again and decide. If you can’t, put a check next to it and move on. Do not stop and waste three minutes on one multiple-choice question that by itself is only worth maybe two points.
  • Evaluate whether the answer choices are giving general or specific information. If you can think of an exception for the specific statement then the general statement is usually correct.
  • Read the question carefully and underline negative (not, never, neither) or affirmative words (always, all only). This usually signifies that the answer must be specific fact rather than a general statement.
  • If you have time at the end of the exam, go back and answer those questions that you placed check marks next to. Do not change the answers to those already completed!
  • Manage your time to ensure that you have completed and answered all the questions.

Skills Exam

  • Be well prepared for any skills that you might be tested on. Make sure before you book your exam you have practiced all skills and you have been critiqued by an instructor, and your fellow students.
  • Listen to instruction from the Test Observer VERY CAREFULLY. Ask for clarification before you begin a new skill.
  • Be ralaxed, and confident in your ability to perform each skills perfectly. Verbalize what you are doing and demonstrating to the Test Observer.
  • Do not forgot small steps, including communication. Be professional and courteous to the Testing Observer, skills actor, and treat mankin as a real patient/client/resident.
  • If you forget any steps during the skill, try to get it done if you still have time left for your skills exam. Remember once you leave the skills testing room, you will be not be allowed back in the room.
  • Do not break any equipments in the skills room You will be charged and your test will be cancelled.


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