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Meet our Team:

Mr. Paul Mungiria, RN, BSN, CCRN.

Paul Mungiria, RN, BSN, CCRN, is the president of  MedNoc Training College. He graduated from Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) in Oklahoma City with an Associates Degree in Applied Science of Nursing, and an Associate of Science Degree in Diversified Studies. He also graduated from South Western Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN). Mr. Mungiria was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Oklahoma. He’s currently a Registered Nurse in Oklahoma and also a Certified Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN). Mr. Mungiria is a member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Before becoming a Registered Nurse, Mr. Mungiria held the following certifications: Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Certified Medical Aide (CMA) and Home Health Aide (HHA). He worked in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Home Health. As a Registered Nurse, he worked in a nursing home, and left there to work in the Hospital as an ICU nurse. He has also worked in Long Term Acute Care (LTAC). He’s also worked in Med-Surg unit.

Mr. Mungiria is married to his lovely wife, Ann. He is blessed with one son and two precious daughters.

Mr. Mungiria believes in career growth and upward ladder. He believes that you can start slowly and advance to the highest height of your career pathway. This is why MedNoc LLC was formed, to help people of all backgrounds to learn and acquire qaulity and skillful training in healthcare courses.

Mrs. Ann  Mungiria, BBM.

Ann Mungiria, BBM, is the Vice president of MedNoc Training College. Mrs. Mungiria  earned her Bachelor of Science in Business from Mount Kenya University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in MBA at Dallas Baptist University. Prior to working at MedNoc, Mrs. Mungiria worked in the HR department at the University for five years. She  believes that adequate quality training is essential to prepare students to meet the challenges of their job requirements without feeling inadequate. She also  believes that time management and planning is one of the key pillars to any success.

Ms. Kimberly D. Bohanan

Ms. Kimberly D. Bohanan is the Office Administrative and Marketing Director. She is from Brooken Cove, OK but currently resides in Edmond, OK with her fiancé Justin and their 3 amazing children. She has attended Connors State College and Northeastern State University, both in Oklahoma. Kim is a vibrant, positive minded person full of love and is always willing to help. She will go above and beyond to ensure that all MTC students have succeeded. Whether calling, emailing, social networking, or walking into our office, Kimberly will be there to guide you through the your educational process.

Mr. Andrew Seruyange, RN, BSN.

Mr. Andrew Seruyange, RN, BSN, is the Chief Examining Officer. He’s in charge of all certification testing at MTC.  Mr. Seruyange earned his first degree at the University of  Makerere in Uganda. He later joined Langston University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Mr. Seruyange is a Registered Nurse, licensed to practice nursing in Oklahoma. Mr. Seruyange believes in fairness. His message to all testing candidates, ” Study, Prepare, Revise, practice, and practice until you become perfect. Learn how to manage anxiety, plan for your time, listen to instruction very carefully, and ask questions before the test begins. Relax and do your best.” Mr. Seruyange has experience in working in Long-Term Care, LTACH and Hospital.  Mr. Seruyange is married to his beautiful wife Ime and has one son.


Miss Jennifer Itote, LPN.

Miss Jennifer Itote is a Licensed Practical Nurse, and hold both Oklahoma and Texas LPN License. She graduated from Francis Tuttle Licensed Practical Nursing school. She has been in the health care field for  for more than 20 years.  Ms Jen has worked as a CNA, CMA, and LPN. Jen brings with her, a wealth of knowledge and experience to our students and a great attitude towards making sure that all of our students are successful. She has a very big heart and sense of humor, and more than anything else she is very passionate to ensure that her students, and will give 100% of to ensure that her MTC students have succeeded. Jen has worked in Long-Term Care Facilities and Hospitals over a long period of time.


Mr. Samuel Imaana, LPN.

Mr. Samuel Imaana is a Licensed Practical Nurse, licensed to practice nursing here in Oklahoma. He graduated from Platt College Licensed Practical Nursing School. Before he become an LPN nurse, he was a professional accountant. Prior to that he was a CNA and CMA. He has worked his way up in to becoming an LPN. Mr. Imaana  brings years of experience in to his students. He’s worked in Long-Term (Nursing Home), Assisted Living Skilled Nursing Center and Hospitals.

Mr. Imaana is married to his lovely wife, with whom they are blessed with four beautiful kids.  He has great love for great cars. At his spare time you will always find him with his kids.

Mr. Mike Stovall, BS.

Mr. Stovall earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from the Oklahoma Christian University in 1985. He also attended Oklahoma City University, and he’s 18 hours towards  finishing his Masters Degree in Liberal Arts. Mike has spent over 20 years in Marketing, customer relations and recruitment. Mike is in charge of Customer Relations and the Marketing Department.

Mr. Jacob Muriithi, RN, ADN.

Mr. Jacob Muriithi, RN, ADN is our Examiner. As a test observer he brings with him knowledge and skills that he’s earned over the years. Mr. Muriithi graduated from LPN school at Francis Tuttle and then went to earn his Associate degree in Nursing from Oklahoma City Community College. He holds RN license in the state of Oklahoma. Before he became a Registered Nurse, Mr. Muriithi was a CNA, HHA, and LPN. He’s worked in Long-Term (Nursing Home) Home Health and Hospital.

His advice to all the testing candidates is that be thoroughly prepared, study hard, attend your classes, labs and clinical. Engage with your teachers to ensure that you are well prepared before you take your state or national exam. Rest enough before the night before your test date, and most importantly be confident, and believe in yourself.

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