How to Prepare for Your CNA Exam

//How to Prepare for Your CNA Exam

How to Prepare for Your CNA Exam

So you want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant?  Well the first step to that goal is to pass the CNA Competency Exam.  This test includes both a written and a practical exam to assess your knowledge of CNA concepts.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for that exam:

  1. Rest and eat a good diet: This is not just a rule to succeed on this test, but also to succeed in life.  The body and mind need fuel to function in any capacity.  Having the proper amount on rest and a balanced diet are ways to help ensure a passing score
  2. Choose a program and adhere to it: The place you choose to attend for CNA training can affect your score on the exam. You will want to look at the program’s accreditation status as well as their overall pass rate on the exam.  You must also never miss class.  Be as dutiful to this course as you can!
  3. Practicing: Very much like the ACT, the CNA Competency Exam requires practice. Being sure to go through and review all the things you have learned in class is vital.  Having the applicable knowledge the practical portion of this exam requires only comes with a great deal of practice to get the actions into your long term memory.  There are also a number of free CNA practice exams on the internet to get a feel for what how the test writers will ask the questions on the actual exam.
  4. Always be on time: try to arrive early to your test time. This will give you the opportunity to breath and let go of any and everything that is going to stop you from doing your best on the test.
  5. RELAX: This ties back to being on time in that arriving early gives you a chance to rid yourself of any anxiety that you’ve built up in preparation for the exam. Trust that you have prepared enough for it and that preparation will shine through.

With these tips, you will be prepared for your competency exam.  So go out there and help to save lives.

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