How CNAs Can Maintain Safety in a Home Setting

//How CNAs Can Maintain Safety in a Home Setting

How CNAs Can Maintain Safety in a Home Setting

Working in the health care industry is a wonderful endeavor.  It is incredibly inspiring to see those who care for their fellow humans who can not care for themselves.  This field does, however, come with a number of inherent dangers: the risk of infection and belligerent patients or their families, to name a few. It is imperative to not only consider the patient’s safety, but also one’s own.

Here are five ways CNA’s can keep themselves safe in a home care setting:

  1. Staying Calm: This is a simple but impactful tenet. If the patient is riled up and you are as well, it is impossible to accomplish anything. You must remain calm to ensure the patient’s safety at all time for that is your main responsibility as a CNA.
  2. Knowing how to properly administer treatment: This is a crucial part of this field. Knowing the proper steps to take when a patient is injured saves you from making a costly mistake.
  3. Know your patient’s needs: being certain of what the patient needs (dietary, medication, etc) is vital to home health care.
  4. Call for assistance: Do not hesitate to call for help.  If you are uncertain of anything, here is one simple piece of advice: do not guess! This guarantees you avoiding legal action and safeguarding against getting yourself hurt by doing something incorrectly.
  5. REMAIN CALM: This cannot be stressed enough so it has to be added to this list twice! Nothing can be done properly if the situation is out of control.  You, as the CNA, must keep order by putting your patients at ease.

These are just a few tips of how a CNA can maintain safety in a home setting. For more advice or general questions, please contact our office!

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