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Refund Policy:

MedNoc Training College Refund Policy shall strictly follow the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools Refund Policy Rule at OAC 565:10-11-3. This policy applies to student’s withdrawals and school terminations/dismissals. Refunds calculation shall be determined by the program length, which is the total number of clock hours assigned to each specific program, as published in this Catalog/Student Handbook and on the Course Syllabus.

  • TERMINATION DATE: The termination date for refund computation purposes is the last date of actual attendance by the student. MTC requires the student to submit a written notice of cancellation/withdrawal from the course via email at info@mednoc.com. If the student is a minor who is below 18 years of age, the notice of cancellation must be submitted by the parent or legal guardian. If the student fails to submit a written notice to withdraw from the course, the calculated refund is reduced by $25.00
  • REJECTION: An applicant rejected by MedNoc Training College shall be entitled to a refund of all the monies paid minus the application fee of $25.00.
  • CANCELLATIONS PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS: The student must submit a written cancellation of his/her enrollment notice to info@mednoc.com
  • THREE DAY CANCELLATION: All monies paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within three days after signing an Enrollment Agreement and making an initial payment before the commencement of the course.
  • OTHER CANCELLATION: An applicant subsequently requesting cancellation more than three days after signing the enrollment agreement and prior to the program start, shall be entitled to a refund based on the total contract price (tuition and pre-paid fees).
      • For total contract prices of $1,000.00 or more, MTC shall retain $150.00;
      • For total contract prices of less than $1,000.00, MTC shall retain 15% of the contract price.
  • FIRST WEEK OF COURSE COMMENCEMENT: For a student terminating his/her enrollment after entering school and starting the course of training, but within the first week, the tuition retained by MTC shall be 10% of the contract price of the course plus $150.00, not to exceed $350.00.
  • AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF COURSE COMMENCEMENT: For student terminating training after one week but within the first 25% of the course, the tuition retained by MTC shall be 25% of the contract price plus $150.00.
  • AFTER 25% COURSE COMMENCEMENT: For a student terminating training after completing over 25%, but within 50% of the course, the tuition retained by MTC shall be 50% of the contract price plus 150.00.
  • AFTER 50%: A student completing more than 50% of the course is not entitled to a refund of any tuition and fees.
  • DOCUMENTED SPECIAL CASES: In a case of a documented prolonged illness, an accident, death in a family, jury duty, military deployment, incarceration and any other circumstances that make it impractical to complete the course; MTC shall make a settlement which is reasonable and fair to both the student and school. Both parties must agree in writing:
      1. The student may be issued with a pro-rata refund per the policy.
      2. The student may be allowed to resume the program and complete the course later at no additional cost.
      3. If the student is a member of the US Military or Oklahoma Guard and is called for duty or deployed, the school may issue the student with a pro-rata refund, or the student can choose to resume his training after the deployment.
  • DISCONTINUED CLASS: If a class is discontinued by MTC while the students are still enrolled in that class, and MTC is still offering training in other courses, all monies paid to MTC for students shall be refunded to the legal entity that had initially paid for the student within 30 days or MTC must restart the class within 30 days. Likewise, if the student was self-pay, all monies paid shall be refunded to the student within 30 days, or MTC must restart the class within 30 days.  
  • EXTRA EXPENSES: Certain expenses listed in the Enrollment Agreement Form such as the TB Skin Test, Drug Screen, OSBI Background Check, Lab Fees, Books, Folders, Binders, Bank Service or Transaction Charges or Fees, Rentals, Student Activities, Deposits, Instructional Supplies, Certification Examination Fees and all other already expended or consumed extra expenses will not be considered for Tuition Refund provided they are separately listed in the Enrollment Agreement Form and Catalog/Student Handbook.

Veterans Refund Policy:

Acceptable refund policy. A refund policy meets the requirements of § 21.4254(c) (13), if it provides that the amount charged for tuition, fees, and other charges for a portion of the course does not exceed the approximate pro-rata portion of the total charges for tuition, fees, and other charges that the length of the completed portion of the course bears to the total length. The school may make provision for a refund within the following limitations:

  1. REGISTRATION FEE: An established registration fee in an amount not to exceed $10 need not be subject to proration. Where the established registration fee is more than $10, the amount in excess of $10 will be subject to proration.
  1. BREAKAGE FEE: The school shall charge $150.00 a breakage fee, with the remaining part, if any, to be refunded.
  1. CONSUMABLE INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPLIES: Where the school makes a separate charge for consumable instructional supplies, as distinguished from laboratory fees, the exact amount of the charges for supplies consumed may be retained, but any remaining part must be refunded.
    • A veteran or eligible person may retain or dispose of books, supplies, and equipment at his or her discretion when:
      • He or she purchased them from a bookstore or other source, and
      • Their cost is separate and independent from the charge made by the school for tuition and fees.
    • The school will make a refund in full for the charge of unissued books, supplies, and equipment when:
      • The school furnishes books, supplies, and equipment.
      • The school includes their cost in the total charge payable to the school for the course.
      • The veteran or eligible person withdraws or is discontinued before completing the course.
    • The veteran or eligible person may dispose of issued items at his or her discretion even if they were included in the total charges payable to the school for the course.
  1. TUITION AND OTHER CHARGES: Where the school either has or adopts an established policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges subject to proration, which is more favorable to the veteran or eligible person than the approximate pro-rata basis as provided in this paragraph, such established policy will be applicable. Otherwise, the school may charge a sum that does not vary more than 10 percent from the exact pro-rata portion of such tuition, fees, and other charges that the length of the completed portion of the course bears to its total length. The exact proration will be determined on the ratio of the number of days of instruction completed by the student to the total number of instructional days in the course.
  1. Prompt refund: In the event that the veteran, spouse, surviving spouse or child fails to enter the course or withdraws or is discontinued therefrom at any time prior to completion of the course, the unused portion of the tuition, fees and other charges paid by the individual shall be refunded promptly. Any institution which fails to forward any refund due within 40 days after such a change in status, shall be deemed, prima facie, to have failed to make a prompt refund, as required by this paragraph.

Refund Procedures:

  1. To receive a proper refund, a student intending to withdraw must submit a written withdrawal notice to the college director via email: info@mednoc.com
  2. The refund shall be issued in the form of a check. The student shall be notified via email the availability of his/her refund and chose whether he/she wants the refund check mailed via a certified mail at his/her expense or come to the Administrative Office to pick up the refund check. If the student picks up the refund check at the office, he/she must sign a Refund Acknowledgment Form acknowledging the receipt of the refund check. A refund check must be deposited or cashed within Seven (7) business days from the day the check was received. The refund issued to the sponsoring companies, organizations, or facilities shall be directly mailed via a Certified Mail at the sponsoring entity’s expense. If the sponsoring entity is an individual person, he/she can also come to the Administrative Office to pick up the refund check.
  3. The Student enrolled at MedNoc Training College who is sponsored shall not receive any refund. Instead, the refund check shall be issued to the legal person, organization, facility, or the company that sponsored the student.
  4. The self-pay student shall be personally issued with the refund check.
  5. If a student is a minor, the parent or legal guardian or the entity that signed the Enrollment Agreement and Financial Agreement Forms on behalf of the student shall be issued with a refund.
  6. Refunds shall be issued within thirty (30) days of the determination of the withdrawal date, that may include: the date of student notification, date of school determination (dismissal due to absences or other criteria as specified in the school catalog), or the case of a student did not return from an authorized Leave of Absence (LOA).

Withdrawal/ Dismissal Policy:

  1. A student has the right to withdraw from the program any time during the course and receive a refund as published on the School Catalog/Student Handbook and the school website.
  2. The student intending to withdraw or cancel his/her course enrollment is required to submit written notice by 5:00 PM to the college director at info@mednoc.com for proper refund calculations.
  3. However, to receive a full refund as entitled, the student must return all books, folders, and any other item or materials issued by MedNoc Training College. For failure to return the textbooks or binders, the student shall be charged fees to replace the unreturned item as published on the Books Price Policy.
  4. MedNoc Training College may withdraw, dismiss, or terminate a student enrollment from a program for a just cause as outlined in the School Catalog/Student Handbook: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance, Inadequate Attendance such as missing classes, tardy (coming late or leaving early), Nonpayment of tuition and fees, failure to return from an Authorized Leave of Absence as expected, unwanted behavior and discipline issues, failure to follow and abide to student Conduct Policy, and or failure to follow and adhere to any MedNoc Training College policies as outlined on this School Catalog/Student Handbook in general.
  5. The student shall receive one verbal warning followed by one written warning, and then dismissal letter.
  6. It shall only be the College Director/President who shall have the power to terminate the student’s enrollment.
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