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Refund Policy:

Students have the right to drop from this program at any time during the course period. However all books and materials issued by MTC must be returned before any refund is issued to the student. Failure to return books, and all other materials issued to the student will result to a charge of $200.00. If the student drops by the second day of his/her class, he/she shall be charged $100.00 for processing of the application, and a refund shall be issued via check within 30 business days. If the student fails to return all books and materials issued by MTC there shall be no refund. If the student drops from any program after the second day of class, there will be no refund issued. The student shall be held accountable to pay the whole amount for the course he/she was enrolled at MTC. Therefore if a student has to drop, he/she must drop by writing by the end the second day of class (end of day shall be 2359). Students must drop from any program by writing an email to their instructor’s and copying to  info@mednoc.com and paulmungiria@mednoc.com. On the email, the student must State his/her Full names, the program which he/she is enrolled and the name of course instructor. MTC will not automatically drop any student due to lack of class attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to drop him/her from any of the courses he/she is enrolled at MTC.

If you are dismissed from the program for any reason by the program director, you will not receive any refund. Any fees that you owe to MTC must be paid in full. If the class that a student is enrolled in is cancelled by the program director, the student shall be issued full refund via check within 30 business days.

Students who are enrolled at MTC on scholarship will not receive any refund. If there is any refund to be issued, it will be issued back to the organization or the company that had sponsored the student.

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