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Tuition and Fees Payment Policy:

Tuition and Fees must be paid in full by the first day of class unless a payment arrangement is made before the start of the program with either the Vice President or Director of Admissions and Registration. A payment arrangement is a legally binding contract that requires a written Financial Agreement Form to be executed by the student and MTC.

For a payment arrangement (including any delay in paying the required down-payment), the student must pay a down-payment in an amount that varies by Program-length, or have already executed a payment arrangement, as follows:

Less than 80 Clock Hours 60% of Total Program Cost
Balance Due divided by Total Number of Weeks of the Program, Payments are due by 4:00 pm each Monday.  Then entire Program Cost must be paid by the last day of the Program.

(If the student is unable to make the required down-payment, the total cost may be divided to the total number of  weeks and the student will be required to make a down-payment equal to the amount to paid weekly.)

80 Clock Hours or More 50% of Total Program Cost


Interest on Unpaid Balances: If a student owes a fee balance beyond 30 days after program completion, he/she shall be charged a ten percent (10%) interest fee on the total balance owed. The 10% interest charge shall recur every month on balance owed, including the added unpaid interest fees incurred monthly until both the fees owed and the interest fees are paid in full. A student account not paid in full including the recurring monthly fees, shall be forwarded to collection three (3) months after the completion date of the program in which the student was enrolled. If the student debt is sent to collection, the student shall be charged all the fees, including the collection cost. In the event, MTC takes legal action against the student for failure to pay; the student shall be liable for all legal fees and court costs if the judgment is rendered in favor of MTC.

A student shall be deemed to have enrolled in a program of study, on the date the student or their legal Guardian signed both the Enrollment Agreement Form and Financial Agreement Form, if applicable. A student may cancel his/her enrollment or withdraw from a program may receive a refund in accordance with the Refund Policy. Likewise, if the student owes the school, he/she shall be required to pay the balance owed within thirty (30) days after terminating his/her enrollment.

The student who fails to attend the program that he/she enrolled shall be deemed as “Never Attended” and withdrawn administratively by the school after 25% of the program’s clock hours have been completed. The Refund for a “Never Attended” student shall be issued per the Refund Policy. Likewise, the student shall be charged up to the date he/she was administratively withdrawn by the school.

The student whose signature appears on both the Enrollment and Financial Agreement Forms assumes the legal responsibility of financial agreement if, by the time the signature was affixed on both forms, the student was 18 years or older.

For a student who is less than eighteen (18) years of age must have a parent or the legal guardian sign their Enrollment and the Financial Agreement Forms. The parent or legal guardian whose signature appears on the Enrollment and Financial Agreement Forms assumes legal responsibility for the minor student’s financial account and must pay all the fees and tuition as stipulated in the Agreements.

The student who attended and received the training shall be held legally responsible for paying his/her tuition and fees. A student of legal age shall assume the legal responsibility in the event the sponsoring entity, company, or person fails to meet the obligation to pay the tuition and fees on behalf of the student whose signature appears on the Enrollment Agreement Form and the Financial Agreement Form on behalf of the student. This situation arises when a student fails to comply with the sponsor’s attendance or any other requirement, such as satisfactory academic performance.

Sponsors Tuition and Fees Payment Policy:

Companies, Governmental organizations, Non-government organizations, and all other business entities sponsoring students shall pay their invoice in full within Thirty days (30) from the date the sponsored student started his/her training. The Program Start Date is the date of the course commencement that the student enrolled.

MedNoc  Training College shall charge itemized fees. The cost indicated in this table does not include books. Students are required to purchase books separately or rent books from MTC. Students may buy their books at MTC or at the place of their choice.  Failure to return rented books in undamaged, the student is charged the cost to replace the book per the books price policy published on the school catalog.



***  The cost listed on this table does not include the cost of the Books.

*** The cost of the programs listed on this table is subject to change. The increase or decrease shall not affect the currently enrolled student.

*** The Actor is the person the candidate uses as a resident/patient to demonstrate skills during the State examination.




Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) (Training cost only) 77 Long Term Care Aide OSDH-NAR


Oklahoma $ 500.00
CNA Exam, Knowledge and Skills***   $ 150.00 plus $10.00 Actor’s fees
CNA Skills Exam***   $ 130.00 plus $10.00 Actor’s fees
CNA State Knowledge Exam***   $ 60.00
CNA Written Exam Single Event ***   $100.00
CNA Skills Exam Single Event***   $130.00
Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) (Training Only) 16 Home Health Aide OSDH-NAR


Oklahoma $100.00
CHHA State Exam***   $130.00 plus $10.00 Actor’s fees
Certified Medication Aide (CMA) (Training Only) 50 Certified Medication Aide OSDH-NAR


Oklahoma $ 450.00
CMA State Exam***   Oklahoma $ 150.00
CMA UPDATE (Training cost only) +++ 8 $75.00
ACMA: Respiratory & Nasogastric/Gastrostomy (Training cost only) + 16 Certified Medication Aide – Gastro & Resp OSDH-NAR


Oklahoma $180.00
ACMA:  Diabetes Care with Insulin Administration (Training cost only) ++ 16 Certified Medication Aide – Diabetes & Insulin OSDH-NAR


Oklahoma $150.00
ACMA: Diabetes Monitoring & Insulin Administration State Exam***   $150.00
Medication Administration Technician (MAT) – Initial (All cost included) 16 MAT Certificate OK-DHS-DDS


Oklahoma $ 150.00
Medication Administration Technician (MAT) – Update (All cost included) 8 $ 75.00
Phlebotomy Technician (All cost included) 178 CPT NHA National $ 1,855.00
Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (All cost included) 195 CBCS NHA National $ 3,465.00
Pharmacy Technician (All cost included) 154 CPhT PTCB National $ 1,655.00
Medical Assistant (All cost included) 448 CCMA NHA National $ 4,485.00
Optometric/Ophthalmic Technician ((All cost included) 226 COA AAH National $ 3,405.00
Electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG) Technician (All cost included) 122 CET NHA National $ 1,415.00
Oklahoma Home Care Administrator Preparedness and Assessment Program (OHCAPA)(All cost included) 200 Oklahoma Home Care Administrator OSDH-Home Care Administrator Registry Oklahoma $3,025.00
BLS (Basic Life Support) Initial 6 BLS AHA National $60.00
BLS (Basic Life Support) Renewal 6 $60.00
ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Initial 16 ACLS AHA National $200.00
ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Renewal. 8 $150.00
Heartsaver Initial (Training Books Included) 6 Heartsaver AHA National $80.00
Heartsaver Renewal (Training Books Included) 6 $80.00
OSBI*** $ 25.00
TB Skin Screen Test*** $ 20.00
Drug Screen*** $50.00
Application Fee $ 25.00
Name Tag*** $10.00
Remediation Fee 3 Weeks $250.00


+ ACMA (Resp, Naso & Gastro): The student is responsible for submitting the end of course paperwork required by the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry with a $10.00 fee to the Nurse Aide Registry to be added as ACMA with Resp & Gastro.
+ + ACMA: DC with IA:  The student is responsible for submitting the end of course paperwork required by the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry with a $10.00 fee to the Nurse Aide Registry to be added as ACMA with DM & IA.
+ + + CMA Update: The student is responsible for submitting end of course paperwork with a $10.00 fee to the Nurse Aide Registry to renew the CMA certification.
NOTE: The $10.00 Actor’s fee is not part of the tuition and must be paid by the student taking the CNA or HHA skills exam. The fee must be paid on the date of the scheduled certification exam. Students cannot bring their actors.
*** Note that the fee indicated is Nonrefundable.
+ + Note that the $ 10.00 associated with the end of course paperwork is payable to OSDH-NAR and not MedNoc Training College.


AAH American Allied Health
AHA  American Heart Association
CBCS Certified Billing Coding Specialist
CCMA Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
CET Certified Electrocardiograph Technician
COA Certified Optometric Assistant
CPhT Certified Pharmacy Technician
CPT Certified Phlebotomy Technician
NAR Nurse Aide Registry
NHA National Health Career Association
OHCAPA Oklahoma Home Care Administrator Preparedness and Assessment Program
OKDHS-DDS Oklahoma Department of Human Services-Developmental Disability Services
OSDH Oklahoma State Department of Health
PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
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