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MedNoc Health Career Training Courses shall charge itemized fees for training. To begin your classes you must pay half of your fees before by the first day of class of your class and pay the remaining balance by the end of the first week. Fees are non-negotiable.

Student will not be issued with any academic documents or completion certificate until all fees are paid in full. If fees are not paid in full, even if the student drops before completing the program, the student will still owe the balance to MedNoc and will be required to pay in full. If student leaves the program with unpaid balance, the remaining balance shall be turned to the collection agency and legal action will be taken for garnishment order. All folders and Text books issued to students must be returned before the testing day or before the issuance of completion certificate. Note that you will be renting these materials and must be returned. Failure to return the book you will be charged $ 200.00


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