CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) Requirements in Oklahoma

//CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) Requirements in Oklahoma

CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) Requirements in Oklahoma

Written by: Paul Mungiria, RN, BSN, CCRN.


To become a Certified Nurse Aide commonly known as CNA in Oklahoma, you must attend and graduate from an approved school. All CNA schools in Oklahoma are approved by Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Nurse Aide Registry.

CNA schools in Oklahoma must develop a curriculum that covers a minimum of 75 hours of Training. All CNA trainees must complete the minimum hours required,  that must include both class work, and clinical time.

The state of Oklahoma does not currently approve Online CNA schools. Students aspiring to become CNA must physically attend class, clinical, and lab. All programs approved in Oklahoma must meet these requirements. It is very important for prospective students to be careful to avoid being scammed if a school is promising online teaching.

In addition prospective CNA student must at least be 18 years. If not a parental or guardian consent is required. Also you must be able to read, write, and communicate in English. A negative TB screening results are required before students can attend clinicals. CNA or Certified Nurse Aide students must pass criminal background check from OSBI. CNA students who fail to pass criminal background check may not be able to attend clinical, or continue with the program and also may not be employable. It is of paramount importance for prospective CNA students to discuss with CNA Training school if they have any criminal history in their background check. Students can also visit this link for more information regarding criminal background check and all other CNA requirements.

CNA Class Attendance in Oklahoma

As I earlier mentioned there are no online CNA,  HHA or CMA  classes in Oklahoma. The only way you can acquire a CNA certification in Oklahoma is by attending an approved school and completing training that must have class work, laboratory work, and clinical work. The other option is to train in a Long-Term Care Facility such as a Nursing home approved for training and then take and successfully pass your CNA Oklahoma state exam.

CNA Oklahoma State Exam

After attending an approved CNA training school and completing the training, the CNA candidate will seat for CNA Oklahoma State exam. The CNA test is composed of two parts. Part One is a CNA Knowledge Exam, and Part Two is CNA Skills Exam. All candidates must score a minimum of 70%. The CNA knowledge test also known as Written Exam takes 90 minutes to complete 72 questions. Part two of the CNA Oklahoma State Exam, called Skills Exam takes 45 minutes to complete Six Sets of skills and score a minimum score of 80%.

CNA students have three attempts to pass the CNA Oklahoma State exam also known as Long-Term Aide Oklahoma State Exam. Failure to pass after the third trial, the CNA candidate must enroll again in an approved CNA Training school in Oklahoma, and retrain afresh.

It is important to know that you only retake the part that you failed. However you must successfully pass both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Certified Nurse Aide Oklahoma Exam to be issued with Oklahoma CNA certification.

For more information regarding CNA testing please visit the link below.

As mentioned earlier it is important to attend the schools that have been known to dedicate their resources to help students learn, attain knowledge and clinical skills and more equally successfully pass the CNA state Exam. One of the best schools to help you achieve your dream to becoming CNA in Oklahoma is MedNoc Health Career Training Courses located in Oklahoma City. This school offers the most affordable tuition fees and the best quality CNA training

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