CNA Certification Renewal in Oklahoma Requirements

//CNA Certification Renewal in Oklahoma Requirements

CNA Certification Renewal in Oklahoma Requirements

Written by Paul Mungiria, RN, BSN, CCRN

Did you know that renewing your CNA certification, also known as Certified Nurse Aide or Long Term Care Aide certification in Oklahoma requires that you have eight hours of paid work in nursing? As MedNoc Health Career Training Courses we receive all types of questions from CNA wanting to know what is required to renew their CNA Certification in Oklahoma. For this reason it is important that we educate CNA so that they are aware of what’s required to renewal their certification.

CNA Certification also known as Certified Nurse Aide or Long Term Aide must renew his/her certification every two years. The CNA must provide documentation proving that he/she provide paid work for at least 8 hours in a Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Memory Care Unit, Hospitals both Acute and LTACH, Group Home, Home health Agency, Nursing Staffing agency, Hospice and Doctors office. If paid work was provided by the CNA was Private Duty, those hours do not count! The work provided by the CNA must have been supervised by a licensed practitioner such as a Registered Nurse or a Physician.

In order for the CNA to provide the required proof of eight hours of paid CNA work in Oklahoma, you must either provide a pay stab or a signed letter from your director of nursing or administrator to Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Also it’s important to know that there is no renewal fee for CNA certification. However you must fill out the CNA Recertification Application Form and submit it to OSDH at least 30 days before your CNA certification expires. If you let your CNA certification lapse/ expire, your employer will not let you work.

In addition you must also fill out the affidavit form. All CNA wanting to renew their certification must prove their lawful presence by filling out the affidavit. It is equally important to know that you must provide physical address that you live. Without this address, the Oklahoma Nurse Aide registry may not be able to renew and mail your new CNA certification card.

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