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Clinical/Externship Requirement Policy:

  1. The student shall not perform any skills at the clinical site if he/she has not been signed off by the instructor and practiced in the skills lab.
  2. If the student notices any issue at clinical that he/she feels is against our policy, including abuse, neglect, violation of human rights and patients’ rights including safety, you must notify your instructor immediately. If the instructor fails to do anything then you can inform the program director, and if nothing is done, then you can inform the president of MTC. Students are not allowed to discuss these issues with the clinical site staff. Failure to follow this chain of command will lead to your dismissal from the program
  3. Clinical attendance is a requirement. Student must arrive at the clinical site on time. If you are late for any reason, you must notify your clinical instructor. You cannot be late for more than 30 minutes Student who are late for clinical for more than 30 minutes will be sent home and must arrange with the instructor to make up the clinical hours. If you make a no call no show at clinical you will be dismissed from the program by the program director.
  4. Scrubs and Uniform: While at the clinical site, students/trainees shall be required to wear scrubs and sport shoes/sneakers with no exceptions. The scrubs must be black and of solid color. I.e. Pants and shirt must both match.
  5. Name Tag: Students must wear a name tag issued by MTC. Name tag is part of the uniform and must be worn at all times, while at skills lab, and at clinical site. If the student shows up at the clinical site without wearing scrubs or wearing street clothes he/she will be requested to go home and that clinical day will be made up after the student makes arrangement with the program director.
  6. All tattoos must be covered and body piercings removed with an exception of one earring for each ear.
  7. Students are forbidden from using cell phones while in the classrooms, skills labs and at the clinical sites. If student/students are found violating this rule for the first time the student will be orally warned. The second time the student will be written up and the program director notified by the instructor. The third time the student is caught with cell phone use violation, the student will be written up and dropped from the program with no refund.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring their children, friends, relatives or visitors either in the classroom or clinical site.
  9. Student may bring their own lunch to school or to the clinical site. There will be 30 minutes lunch break at which trainee/ student may leave the training site/ clinical site to go buy lunch. 

Class/Clinical Cancellation:

If the classes or clinicals or externships are cancelled for any reason, such as due nature, like bad weather, students will be notified via email and text messages. The information for class or clinical cancellations will be posted to MedNoc Training College website, Facebook and MTC Facebook Group page. Classes or clinical can be cancelled by the program director at any time without prior notice or explanation.

If the school is closed due to bad weather, all the days missed must be made up to ensure that our students receives quality learning. All classes must be made up the following weekend on Saturday and Sunday following any class cancellation. Other arrangement might be made to accommodate students’ needs. However the time lost must be made up.



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