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Clinical Requirement Policy:

  1. Clinical hours shall be performed during the weekday to ensure quality learning.
  2. The student shall not go to the clinical site without signing HIPAA, OSHA, and Liability Release Form (The student shall waive all his/her rights to sue MedNoc Training College or Clinical site for any injuries that may result while attending clinical learning. By accepting a clinical assignment, the student assumes all the risks that may occur to him/her at the clinical site).
  3. Students and instructors are prohibited from taking or removing any document that contains patient information from the walls and boundaries of a clinical site. A student or instructor who fails to adhere to this policy shall be terminated with immediate effect.
  4. The student shall not successfully complete and graduate from a program that requires clinical learning without attending clinical and completing all clinical hours and pass the clinical essay.
  5. The student shall not perform a skill or skills at the clinical site if not previously practiced and signed off by the instructor in the skills lab.
  6. No student shall perform any task, whether signed off or not, at the clinical site in the absence of the clinical preceptor. The student must always follow the clinical preceptor’s instructions and directions. However, in the rare circumstance that there is a conflict with what the student understands to be a legal, safe, or effective practice, then and only then may the student disregard the preceptor’s instructions and directions. If the student feels that the preceptor is breaching a safe care environment or legal requirements for a patient, resident or client, he/she must only communicate his/her observations to the course instructor. The student who fails to follow this policy shall be dismissed from the program.
  7. If the student notices any issue at the clinical site that he/she feels is against MTC policy, including abuse, neglect, violation of human rights, patients’ rights including safety, the student must notify the course instructor immediately. If the instructor fails to take any action, then the student must inform the Lead-Instructor who shall then intervene.
  8. Students are prohibited from discussing any issues they think are inappropriate at the clinical site with the clinical site staff. All issues or complaints must be addressed to MTC following the chain of command that begins with the course instructor, then Lead-Instructor. Failure to follow this chain of command will lead to disciplinary actions, including dismissal from the program.
  9. Uniform and Shoes: While at the clinical site, students are required to wear solid black scrubs with both pants and top matching. Students must wear closed shoes that cover all their toes. No caps/hats are allowed at the clinical site unless the head covering is worn for genuine, known religious reasons.
  10. Name Tag: Students must wear a name tag issued by MTC while at clinical. A Name Tag is part of the uniform and must be worn while at school, skills lab, and clinical site. If the student shows up at the clinical site without wearing solid black and or a name tag will be requested to go home, and that clinical day will be made at the instructor’s discretion.
  11. Clinical attendance is a requirement and must follow the ATTENDANCE POLICY and MAKING UP THE TIME LOST POLICY. The student must arrive at the clinical site on time. If the student is to be late for any reason, he/she must notify the clinical instructor.
  12. The student who makes a NO CALL NO SHOW at clinical may be dismissed from the program by the program director.
  13. All tattoos must be covered, body piercings removed except for earring studs, one in each ear. The student’s hair must be held back in a ponytail.
  14. Students are forbidden from using cell phones while in the classrooms, skills labs, and at the clinical sites. The student who violates this policy shall be given an initial verbal warning by the course instructor, followed by a written warning from the lead instructor and then a dismissal by the college director. STUDENTS MAY ONLY TEXT THEIR CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR WHILE AT THE CLINICAL SITE IF THEY NEED HELP WITH SOME CLINICAL SKILLS OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS. NO CALLS.
  15. Students are not allowed to bring children, friends, relatives, or visitors either in the classroom, skills lab, or clinical site.
  16. Students are prohibited from bringing weapons of all kind to Clinical Site
  17. Students may bring their lunch to school or the clinical site. There will be 30 minutes lunch break at which trainee/ student may leave the training site/ clinical site to buy lunch.


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