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Class/Clinical Cancellation:

If the classes or clinicals are cancelled for any reason, such as due nature, like bad weather, students will be notified via email and text messages. The information for class or clinical cancellations will be posted to MedNoc Training College website, Facebook and MTC Facebook Group page. Classes or clinical can be cancelled by the program director at any time without prior notice or explanation.If the school is closed due to bad weather, all the days missed must be made up to ensure that our students receives quality learning. All classes must be made up the following weekend on Saturday and Sunday following any class cancellation. Other arrangement might be made to accommodate students’ needs. However the time lost must be made up.

Student Conduct Policy:

Students are required to carry themselves in a respectful manner at all time. Students are not allowed to answer their phone calls while the class is in progress. Cellphones or any electrical device must be on silent mode. Students can politely leave the class to answer to their personal phone calls. However students must avoid being disruptive to their colleagues. Students must carry discussions in a respectful manner that promotes learning and empowerment. Students are prohibited from using using demeaning language that undermines the general welfare of other students.

Profanity language is completely prohibited while at MedNoc. Students must be professional at all times. Curse language will lead to warning and disciplinary action that can lead to dismissal. No aggressive language or behavior is allowed.

Academic Progress:

Student enrolled at MTC programs must check course specific requirements. Each program has specific requirements that must be met to successfully and satisfactorily pass and complete the program. Student can discuss with their instructor or program director about their grades.

Credit for previous Training or Work Experience:

MTC does not offer any credit for previous training or work experience. If you had started your training in another training school, MedNoc Training College will not accept transfer of any credit. You must start your training afresh at MTC. In addition, students enrolled at MTC will not receive credit for previous work training and or experience.

Missed work:

If a student misses to submit school work on time including projects, homework, clinical paper he/ she will lose 10 points. The work must be submitted within 48 hours. If the 48 hours have lapsed and the student has not submitted his/her missed work to his/her instructor, the student will be given F- failure for that work. The instructor will not accept that missed school work anymore. However if you missed to submit your school work on timely manner because of things that are beyond your control such as illness, accidents, you must submit documentation to your instructor.  The instructor will review your documentation and determine the outcome.

Grading System:

MTC uses percentage system to grade students. Students must score a minimum of 80% at least on four different exams to pass the course. Students must also demonstrate clinical skills with 100% accuracy. Students must also complete all the hours required for the program in which they are enrolled.

Failure to obtain 80% on at least four major exams, the student will remediate until such a score is achieved. If the student is unable to pass clinical skills with 100% accuracy, he/she shall remediate until he/she is able to demonstrate and pass all clinical skills.

To remediate you must make arrangement with your instructor or program director if your program has already graduated. The student will be charged the remediation fee in the amount of $200.00

MedNoc Training College shall not dismiss any student from any program due to unsatisfactory performance. MTC shall recruit its resources to help the student learn, master knowledge and skills and pass the state or national examination. However the student will be charged remediation fee if the program which student is enrolled has completed and yet the student is still making unsatisfactory grades or skills performance. The student will be given one week of remediation. Failure to pass after remediation no verification or completion letter shall be issued to the student. MTC policy is that any student must successfully pass both knowledge and clinical skills before a completion letter or certificate of completion verification form is issued.

If the student is unable to satisfactorily pass after remediation probation, he/she shall have to enroll again in the program. A new application must be submitted and training fees.

Skills Lab and Classroom:

Student must take care of the skills lab and clean after themselves. All equipment must be handled with care and caution. Students must return equipments and material to their right place of storage. If a student is seen or reported that he or she damaged anything in the skills lab or classroom, he/she will be held accountable and will have to pay the replacement cost of that equipment. No documents shall be issued to any student who damaged any equipment in the skills lab or classroom and failed to replace or pay.

If any material or equipment is destroyed or damaged or stolen from the skills lab or in the classroom, the students attending that session must report the student who damaged or stole to the instructor. If the students fail to report the student who stole, damaged or destroyed any material, or equipment to their instructor, all students who were in the skills lab or classroom shall be charged the cost incurred by MTC to replace that equipment. No completion letters or verification form will be issued to any student who has not paid their portion of the cost of the equipment or material that was stolen, damaged or destroyed. Students must put trash in the trash cans provided in the classroom and skills lab. Any student noted to be trashing classroom shall be reprimanded.

Sexual Harassment:

MedNoc Training College takes sexual harassment very seriously and does not tolerate any unwelcome sexual advances within our training facility or clinical site. Any sexual advances that are inappropriate and unwelcome in nature must be reported to the director immediately, upon which investigation will be carried out and disciplinary action be taken following the findings.


MedNoc Training College does not discriminate anybody based on sex, sexual orientation, color, creed, disability, or nationality in its admission. MTS staff and all students shall treat all people with respect and dignity. Any student who breaks this policy shall be given one written warning and the thereafter the student shall be expelled from MTC.


MTC does not permit students to bring firearms to school or clinical site. Any student who brings any type of firearm even with a concealed carrier permit to school or clinical site shall be expelled from MTC and reported to police to threatening behavior. 


MedNoc Training College shall abide by privacy laws. MTC does not discuss student’s academic progress or performance with any other second party. MTC shall not release any student information to any person or organization without prior written authorization from the student. MTC may however confirm the enrollment status of any student with any interested parties. If a student is less than 18 years of age, MTC may discuss academic performance and progress with the parent, or legal guardian who signed the enrollment consent. If a student is enrolled at MTC on scholarship, grant or receiving any form of financial assistant from any party, person or organization, MTC shall release student academic performance and progress to the person, party or organization that is sponsored the student without prior signed consent from the student. If MTC is subpoenaed by the court of law of any jurisdiction, to avail any student academic performance, enrollment, and progress, MTC shall produce all the information requested without any signed consent from the student or parent or legal guardian


MTC prohibits all romantic or sexual relationship between MTC staff, and students. Any breach to this policy must be reported to the MTC President immediately. The staff involved shall be terminated without any benefits and the student involved shall be expelled without any completion certificate. 


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