How to become a Certified Medication Administration Technician in Oklahoma

//How to become a Certified Medication Administration Technician in Oklahoma

How to become a Certified Medication Administration Technician in Oklahoma

What is a Medication Administration Technician?

Medication Administration Technicians are individuals who become certified to work in group homes, assisted living or homes for disabled people. Certified Medication administration technicians are typically responsible for providing residents with medication administration and treatment assistance. Certified Medication Administration Technicians may also be responsible for reporting changes in the physical condition of patients as well as maintaining patient records of medication distribution, activities and incidents involving the patients.


In order to be considered for employment as a certified MAT, individuals must obtain a high school diploma or GED. Prospects must have also completed a state certified MAT course with satisfactory academic standing. Most agencies will require that prospects also have at least one year of experience working with elderly patients or one year of training. Some agencies will consider a combination of experience and education as well. Lastly, it is important that prospective certified MATs are comfortable working with elderly patients. The job can be physically and emotionally demanding and prospects should be prepared to embrace that.


In order to obtain certification as an MAT, students must complete a training course offered by a licensed nurse who can be either a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. Students must also complete 12 hours of training and must obtain a score of at least 85% on all of exams taken throughout the course. If a student fails an exam more than twice, the student will have to retake the course. In order to begin training, prospects must also pass a background check conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

Upon certification, MATs will be eligible to administer medication in group homes, assisted living and homes for the disabled. It’s important note that Certified MATs are not qualified to gain employment in long-term care facilities (unlike CMAs). MATs, however, often seek further education to advance in their careers and become CMAs and often, registered nurses.

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