Student Services

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MedNoc Training College always has a Registered Nurse (RN) on duty, who attends to our students in case they experience a medical emergency. The RN is always available in our training facilities to help with the training, and works side by side with the LPN employed to teach in our training center.

MTC offers free telephone services to students who are in need of making emergency phone calls to their families or to call for a ride.

We also help students develop resumes and guide them to apply for jobs after completing their training. MTC staff will work hard to ensure that we are aware and up to date with the open job vacancies within the state of Oklahoma so that we can guide our students in applying for these jobs.

As a Certified Nurse Aide, you can be employed in the following areas:

Careers for CNA, HHA: Nursing homes, Home Health Agencies, Medical Centers,...

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