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Financial Assistance Policy:

MedNoc Training College believes that education must be affordable. Therefore, MTC offers a payment plan at no additional cost or interest to students, provided that the tuition and the fees are paid in full by the last day of course completion. MTC encourages all students wishing to enroll for courses to apply for a payment arrangement plan if they are unable to pay the whole amount before enrolling for classes. Students are also encouraged to visit their local Oklahoma workforce office to check if they qualify for financial assistance. If the student belongs to Indian/Native tribes, they are encouraged to visit or call their tribe office to check if they are eligible for financial assistance to pay for their education. MedNoc Training College is approved by the Oklahoma Workforce and has partnered with several Indian Tribes, Facilities, Organizations, and Companies to help our students meet their education goals by offering financial assistance.  MTC has also partnered with financial institutions that may offer loans to students. However, MTC encourages students to only use this last alternative of funding as the last option. The money loaned to students by these financial institutions yields interest. MTC does not benefit financially from any of these financial institutions. MTC only receives the exact amount of money that covers tuition and fees, as outlined in the Student Catalog/Handbook.

The following financial assistance plans are available at MTC:

  1. Payment Plan Arrangement (Please refer to Fees Payment Policy on Payment plan guidance)
  2. MedNoc Training College Scholarships, promotional offers, and tuition discounts.
  3.  Oklahoma Workforce.
  4. Indian Tribes.
  5. Financial Institutions.

A student enrolled at MTC and is not self-sponsored must sign the waiver to allow MTC to release academic progress to the sponsoring agency. MTC may refuse admission to a student who is sponsored by an entity or another individual and refuses to sign the Academic Information Release Waiver.  If the sponsored student is missing classes, coming to class late, being tardy leaving early, or maintaining unsatisfactory academic progress, MTC shall notify the sponsoring entity after the student has received the first verbal warning by his/her instructor.


A student shall not qualify for more than one offer/discount simultaneously. If the school is running promotions that a student qualifies, the student shall only be awarded the offer with the highest discount value. The school shall rescind an award/offer discounts and scholarship previously extended to a student who terminates his/her enrollment before the completion of the course. Likewise, if the school terminates a student’s enrollment, the awards, offers, discounts, and scholarship shall be rescinded, and the student shall be required to pay the amount owed to MedNoc Training College.

MTC Promotional Offers:

MedNoc Training College may run promotional offers to help our students with tuition. The promotional offers may be discounted tuition for a specific program or free training for a program. The promotional offers are not announced to the public until they are published on the MedNoc Training College website. The promotional offers are based on the time limit. The student who enrolled before the promotional offer was published does not qualify for a promotional offer published after he/she had already enrolled. Promotional offers are only applicable to a student who are self-pay or VA and does not apply to students who are sponsored by other entities such as Oklahoma Workforce, Indian Tribes, Companies, Organizations, Facilities, or individual persons. MedNoc Training College President must approve all promotional offers.

MTC Tuition Discounts for Returning Students:

A returning student is a student who was enrolled at MTC and successfully completed his/her training program and earned either a state or national certification. The returning student shall be given a 10% discount off the tuition, excluding other fees if he or she enrolls in another program.

MTC Scholarships/Discounts:

MedNoc Training College may award a full scholarship, partial scholarship, tuition waiver, or tuition discount to a student intending to enroll or already enrolled at MedNoc Training College. Any scholarship, tuition waiver, or tuition discount awarded must be based on Merit and indicated on the student Enrollment Agreement form. The scholarship or discount granted to the student must be based on the following merits:

    1. Extreme financial need with a documented income of below poverty line per Federal guidelines. (Must provide financial documentation such as current income tax return, number of a family household, to determine if the student income is below current federal poverty guidelines.
    2. A strong will to succeed/Great work ethics (The student must submit three letters of recommendation. One letter must be from the school that the student previously attended. The second letter must be from an employer or a verifiable previous Job supervisor, a religious leader, or any person who is in a position of authority and has known the student for at least three years. The third letter must be from any person who is not related to the student and has known the student for at least five years).  
    3. Strong academic performance (Evidenced by transcripts with minimum grades A’s and B’s)
    4. Alumni. (Must have been a great student during the time the student attended training at MTC. The following measurements define a great student: 100% course attendance, class participation, Scored A’s and B’s in all class exams, and passed either the state or national certification Exam the first trial. Recommendation letter from the previous course Instructor).
    5. Son, daughter, or spouse of an employee of MTC. (The employee must have worked for MTC for a minimum of 6 months with no disciplinary action).
    6. Parent of an employee of MTC. (The employee must have worked for MTC for a minimum of 6 months with no disciplinary action).

To qualify for the scholarship, the student must meet at least 2 of the above factors. Also, the student must write a 3-page essay using 12-point Times New Roman font and double spaced. The essay must address the following:

  1. Personal background
  2. Reasons for requesting a scholarship and why you should be awarded.
  3. What impact you will make to your personal life and the life of others if given this scholarship to attend training.
  4. A five-year plan.

Students seeking scholarship must submit the Scholarship Application and the Student Essay to scholarship Committee at [email protected]. The MTC scholarship committee is made up of one Instructor, Lead- Instructor, College Director, and the Vice- President. President will decide to issue or deny scholarship after reviewing the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee within 60 days from the date the application for the scholarship was received. The student will be issued with a letter of denial or approval. The President must sign all scholarship approval or denial letters. Any award granted waives the student tuition and fees, but not the certification examination fees

Students Referral Bonus:

If a current or former student refers a student to attend training at MTC, he/she shall be given a gift card of $20.00 per person if the referred student enrolls and completes his or her training at MTC. To qualify for a referral bonus, the referring student must complete and graduate from the program if currently enrolled. If the referred student fails to complete the program, the referral gift card shall not be issued.  If a former student makes the referral, the former student shall be issued with a gift card of $20.00 after the referred student has completed the training at MTC. All referral bonus cards shall only be issued by the Vice-President.

Company Discount:

A “Company” shall be defined as a privately-owned small business such as Home Health Agency, Staffing Agency, or a Nursing Home Facility, Assisted Living, Group Home, Memory Care Units Individual Person sponsoring five (5) or more students. A company that sponsors and sends more than five students at the same time to enroll for a specific training program at MedNoc Training College shall be given a 10% discount off per student. The discount shall only apply to the tuition, excluding other fees.

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