Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance 2018-02-21T20:30:35-05:00

At MTC we strongly believe that money or the cost of education should not prevent or deny you the opportunity to earn a career in health care. Our vision is “Affordable, timely, and quality education and training to all MTC students”. With this in mind, we are here to help you meet the cost of your career training. These are some of the ways we are offering financial assistance to our students.

  1. Our cost of training is relatively and reasonably low and affordable in comparison to other training centers in Oklahoma.
  2. We offer financial assistance to those that qualify.
  3. We offer a flexible payment plan that is affordable and agreed upon by the student.
  4. We also provide our trainees with coffee.
  5. We offer very flexible training schedules so that we can allow our students to work and earn a living, while still attending training in our facility.
  6. No Application fees. We do not charge application fees so that we can help our prospective students ease their financial burden.
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