Admission Requirements

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MTC’s General Admission Requirements for all students:

  1. Fill out an Application
  2. Provide two forms of identification. One must be a government issued ID with a photograph, such as current State Identification card or Driver’s License. the other ID must be a copy of your social security card.
  3. Pass Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) background check.
  4. A signed copy of an affidavit of lawful presence stating citizenship or alien status.
  5. Black Scrubs required for attending clinical training, skills lab at school and state testing. (Solid black both top and bottom)
  6. TB Skin screen test results will be required before attending clinical. If your TB skin screen test is positive, you will be required to bring a negative TB Chest X-Ray.

Note: For specific course requirements please check the specific course that you are interested in under programs.


The prospective student will be required to fill out an application for admission. Application can be filled through on our website, you can email to request for an application, you can also call and we will fax you an application. After you fill it out you can fax it back to us on Fax: (405)421-9521. Also you can walk in during office hours and fill out an application.

Upon review of your application by the director of the program, you will be contacted and arrange a meeting to start the intake process. The following information will be given/discussed during this meeting:

A) The details of our training program.

B) The cost of this training, including the certification testing fees.

C) Financial assistance availability and options including payment plans,assistance available for American Indians/Native Americans, workforce, charity, and loans.

E) Criminal background check requirements for Oklahoma state.

F) Program requirements, including State and federal requirements.

G) Clinical Rotation requirements.

H) Employment & career growth in Oklahoma and beyond.

I) Other Expectations

  • A student who was enrolled in any of our programs but did not complete the training due to unavoidable circumstances is eligible for readmission into the upcoming or subsequent class. However, new course fees will be charged.
  • Students who drop or withdraw from a program without disciplinary problems with MTC School may be eligible for readmission as long as previous balance fees are paid in full.
  • Those students who their fail exam for Oklahoma state certification several times and are not allowed to retake without further training, may enroll back into MedNoc Training College.


NOTE: Books are on loan. They must be returned. If not returned, the student shall be charged the cost to replace the unreturned book(s) or binder(s) per policy.

The Actor is the person who the candidate uses as a resident or a patient to demonstrate skills during the state examination.



Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) (Training cost only) 77 $ 500.00
CNA Exam, Knowledge and Skills***   $ 150.00 plus $10.00 Actor’s fees
CNA Skills Exam***   $ 130.00 plus $10.00 Actor’s fees
CNA State Knowledge Exam***   $ 60.00
CNA Written Exam Single Event ***   $100.00
CNA Skills Exam Single Event***   $130.00
Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) (Training Only) 16 $100.00
CHHA State Exam***   $130.00 plus $10.00 Actor’s fees
Certified Medication Aide (CMA) (Training Only) 50 $ 450.00
CMA State Exam***   $ 150.00
CMA UPDATE (Training cost only) 8 $75.00
ACMA: Respiratory & Nasogastric/Gastrostomy (Training cost only) 16 $180.00
ACMA:  Diabetes Care with Insulin Administration (Training cost only) 16 $150.00
ACMA: Diabetes Monitoring & Insulin Administration State Exam***   $150.00
Medication Administration Technician (MAT) – Initial (All cost included) 16 $ 150.00
Medication Administration Technician (MAT) -Update (All cost included) 8 $ 75.00
Phlebotomy Technician (All cost included) 178 $ 1,855.00
Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (All cost included) 195 $ 3,465.00
Pharmacy Technician (All cost included) 154 $ 1,655.00
Medical Assistant (All cost included) 448 $ 4,485.00
Optometric/Ophthalmic Technician ((All cost included) 226 $ 3,405.00
Electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG) Technician (All cost included) 122 $ 1,415.00
BLS (Basic Life Support) Initial 6 $60.00
BLS (Basic Life Support) Renewal 6 $60.00
ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Initial 16 $200.00
ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Renewal. 8 $150.00
Heartsaver Initial (Training Books Included) 6 $80.00
Heartsaver Renewal (Training Books Included) 6 $80.00
OSBI***   $ 25.00
TB Skin Screen Test***   $ 20.00
Drug Screen***   $50.00
Student Name Tag Replacement Cost***   $10.00
Refresher Courses 25% of the clock hours assigned to the program $10.00 per clock hour. Minimum of 8 clock hours must be attended.
+ + ACMA (Resp, Naso & Gastro): The student is responsible to submit the end of course paperwork required by Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry with a $10.00 fee to the Nurse Aide Registry to be added as ACMA with Resp & Gastro.
+ + ACMA: DC & IA:  The student is responsible to submit the end of course paperwork required by Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry with a $10.00 fee to the Nurse Aide Registry to be added as ACMA with DM & IA.
+ + CMA Update: The student is responsible to submit end of course paperwork with a $10.00 fee to the Nurse Aide Registry to renew the CMA certification.
NOTE: The $10.00 Actor’s fee is not part of the tuition and must be paid by the student taking the CNA or HHA skills exam. The fee must be paid on the date of the scheduled certification exam. Students cannot bring their own actors.
*** Note that the fee indicated is Nonrefundable.
+ + Note that the $ 10.00 associated with the end of course paperwork is payable to OSDH-NAR and not MedNoc Training College.


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